Lives are Being Changed!

  • Dr. Ben Voth Shares His Enthusiasm for U Arise

  • Dr. Ben Voth, Director of Debate and Advisor to the Bush Institute at SMU, teaches and coaches students in order to equip them to have a voice in society. Voth works with a variety of individuals such as Holocaust survivors, national speech champions, top speakers in debate, community advocates, and[...]
  • First Responder Training with Betty McHone, MS, LPC

  • by Betty McHone, MS, LPC: Peter asked me to speak to those who were interested about some counseling tips that might prove to be helpful as we form Christian community here at SMU.  This sprang from a few people who approached Peter with personal needs and issues they were struggling with.  This [...]
  • A Counselor's Perspective - Melissa Clark, MA, LPC

  • Melissa Clark, a counselor of over 10 years in the Dallas area, recently sat down with us to share her perspective on the challenges facing college students today. She has observed that in response to the prevalence and addictive draw of social media, many college-age youth have failed to find a [...]